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An element named after a state is
a) californium
b) semiconductor
c) mendelevium
d) noble gas

A group made up of six nonmetals
a) noble gases
b) alkali-earth
c) alkali
d) metalloids

Word meaning group
a) family
b) radioactive
c) shiny
d) colorless

word describing actinides
a) radioactive
b) shiny
c) group
d) colorless

word describing hydrogen
a) colorless
b) shiny
c) family
d) shiny

word describing most transition metals
a) shiny
b) radioactive
c) family
d) colorless

An element named after a scientist
a) mendelevium
b) californium
c) semiconductor
d) shiny

In the Boron Group the most common element is
a) aluminum
b) silicon
c) carbon
d) oxygen

Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, which are compounds of___are necessary for life.
a) carbon
b) silicon
c) aluminum
d) oxygen

Nitrogen and _____ can be combined to make ammonia.
a) hydrogen
b) helium
c) carbon
d) silicon

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