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In small businesses, the owner might be responsible for planning and managing advertising.
a) True
b) False

Implementing Activities include:
a) Communicating and motivating
b) Leadership and communication
c) Operations management and controlling
d) All of these

McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory believes that people are influenced by one of three needs which are:
a) Money, Security, and Power
b) Power, Security, and Esteem
c) Achievement, Power, and Affliation
d) Money, Power, and Achievement

The basis for determining effective business performance is called:
a) Standards
b) Variance
c) Expectations
d) Demands

Designing and building a unique product to meet the specific needs of a customer is called:
a) Repetitive Production
b) Mass Production
c) Custom Manufacturing
d) Assembly Line

A product line is:
a) A complete set of all products a business offers to a market
b) A group of similar products w/ obvious variations in design&quality to meet needs of customer groups
c) A company who offers large numbers of related items
d) A line on the product

The methods of delivering the promotional message to the intended audience is called:
a) Marketing Media
b) Outdoor Media
c) Advertising Media
d) All of these

One form of external motivation is receiving an announcement or being praised in a meeting.
a) True
b) False

A deep assortment of products means there are many types, sizes, styles, and packages of a product.
a) True
b) False

The two types of motivation are:
a) Inside and Outside
b) Internal and External
c) Formal and Informal
d) Money and Vacation

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