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This form of advertising is used to announce a sale on certain articles of merchandise:
a) Institutional Advertising
b) Mainstream Advertising
c) Product Advertising
d) Media Advertising

This term refers to any unpaid mention of a retail business, its employees, or its merchandise in the media:
a) Public Relations
b) Advertising
c) Promotion
d) Publicity

The type of advertising that features both the vendor\'s name and the local store where the product is available is known as:
a) Cooperative Advertising
b) Merchandise Advertising
c) Cooperative Promotion
d) Retail Advertising

These types of promotions are designed to promote the image of a business or to build goodwill:
a) Goodwill Promotions
b) Merchandise Promotions
c) Premium Promotions
d) Institutional Promotions

Which of the following is NOT a part of the promotional mix?
a) sales promotions
b) publicity
c) media
d) personal selling

Another name for store image.
a) personality
b) public relations
c) sales
d) promotions

An example of institutional advertising is:
a) a display that features sales items
b) a paid commercial highlighting charity work
c) an article about the arrest of an employee
d) giving away a free pen

Any paid message a business sends to the public.
a) goodwill promotion
b) advertising
c) publicity
d) institutional promotion

Non-personal promotional activities:
a) do not involve store personnel interacting with customers
b) are designed to sell non-personal services
c) are designed to sell merchandise only
d) do involve store employees interacting with customers

Premiums are:
a) buy one get one sales
b) items used to create goodwill
c) items sold at a deep discount
d) small items retailers give customers

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