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What are civil liberties?
a) The first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
b) Freedom of press, religion, speech, and assembly
c) The legal constitutional protections against government
d) Those rights not set forth within the Constitution

Which Amendment protects against unwarrented search and seizures?
a) Amendment 7
b) Amendment 8
c) Amendment 5
d) Amendment 4

Which Amendment contains the Due Process clause?
a) Amendment 14
b) Amendment 17
c) Amendment 22
d) Amendment 12

What is the concept of applying the Bill of Rights to states called?
a) Prior Restraint
b) Civil liberties
c) Establishment Clause
d) Incoorporation Doctrine

What did Gitlow v. New York establish?
a) First Amendment applies to states
b) Bill of Rights restrains only national government
c) Aid to religious schools must have a secular purpose
d) Symbolic speech protected under first amendment

Whcih court case defined obscenity?
a) New York Times v. Sullivan
b) Miller v. California
c) Zurcher v. Stanford Daily
d) Texas v. Johnson

What is symbolic speech?
a) Creating graphical depictions of your political views
b) Telling others about your vote or campaigning
c) Nonverbal communication such as burning a flag or wearing an armband
d) What is protected inder the 17th Amendment

Which Amendment granted women's voting rights?
a) Amendment 26
b) Amendment 24
c) Amendment 15
d) Amendment 19

Suffrage is
a) Mass starvation
b) A measurement of how much someone thinks their vote is worth
c) The legal right to vote
d) A restriction on voting

The Voting Rights Act of 1965
a) helped end formal and informal barriers to African American voting
b) made racial discrimination illegal
c) gave woman the right to vote
d) abolished poll taxes

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