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Which process release the most ATP?
a) aerobic respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) fermentation
d) .

which best represents a long-term energy storage molecule in animals?
a) cellulose
b) cholesterol
c) glycogen
d) .

why is the classification system of organisms continually changing?
a) because scientist are finding new ways to compare organisms
b) because all orgainsims are cometeing for the same resources.
c) because all organisms are close to becoming extinct
d) .

Which statement best describes natural selection?
a) living organisms develop from other living things
b) acquired characteristics are inherited from parent to offspring
c) organisms adapted to their environment can survive and pass trait to offspring.
d) ,

Scientist think that the first forms of life on Eaqrth were anaerobic. Which supports this theory?
a) the ozone layer of early Earth was very thin
b) the temperatures of early Earth were warmer than they are today
c) the atmosphere of early Earth contained very little oxygen.
d) .

which base bonds with adenine in DNA?
a) cytosine
b) uracil
c) thymine
d) .

What will most likely happen if the human population continues to grow at the current rate.
a) there will be fewer natural resources available.
b) there will be a decrease in endangered specied
c) there will be a decrease
d) .

which substance (biomolcule) provides instructions for producing proteins?
a) ATP
b) DNA
c) H2O
d) .

What are the main molecules that make up muscle fibers?
a) lipids
b) proteins
c) carbohydraes

If related organisms are found to have some of the same enzymes and hormones which can most likely be concluded?
a) the organisms may eat the same foods
b) these orgrisms may live in similar environments
c) these organisms may share a common ancestor
d) .

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