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The term sublingal means
a) under the tongue
b) vomiting blood
c) below the gum line
d) diffiuclt speech

All of the following are considered main methods of transmission of infection EXCEPT:
a) Vaccines
b) Airborne
c) Contact
d) Vector

Transmission-based precautions are:
a) Used for patients with known or suspected infection
b) Preventive procedures used before surgery
c) Designed to isolate patients
d) Designed to reduce the transmission of bacteria

The medical transcriptionist
a) Listens to and types information to provide a permanent record
b) Records the work of the photomicrographer
c) Types charting done on a discharged patient
d) Provides access to information

A person’s character is the sum of:
a) Behavior, attitudes, and values
b) Sender, message, morals
c) Values, morals, messages
d) Morals, attitudes, messages

Failure to execute the care that a reasonable person exercises is known as
a) Negligence
b) Malpractice
c) Slander
d) Jurisprudence

Failure of professional skill or learning that results in injury, loss, or damage is
a) Malpractice
b) Slander
c) Negligence
d) Libel

A Psychologist
a) Has a Doctorate degree
b) Is a medical doctor
c) Treats mental, emotional and behavior disorders
d) Completes a 4-year residency

Dyspnea refers to:
a) Difficult or painful breathing
b) Slow breathing
c) Below the tongue
d) Vomiting blood

Hematemesis refers to:
a) Vomiting blood
b) Slow breathing
c) Bloody nose
d) Below the tongue

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