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10 Basic Facts About Iulius Caesar.[print questions]

Who conquered Gaul and became a dictator during the last days of the Roman Republic?
a) Hannibal
b) Pompey
c) Iulius Caesar
d) Marc Antony

Who assassinated Julius Caesar?
a) Marc Antony
b) Cleopatra
c) Roman senators
d) Augustus Caesar

What queen of Egypt helped Marc Antony?
a) Cleopatra
b) Nefertiti
c) Octavia
d) Vesta

Who was given the name Augustus after he took power?
a) Marc Antony
b) Octavian
c) Brutus
d) Pompey

Who was killed by the king of Egpyt?
a) Caesar
b) Pompey
c) Octavian
d) Brutus

Who helped Cleopatra become queen?
a) Pompey
b) Octavian
c) Marc Antony
d) Julius Caesar

How did Caesar die?
a) Poisonous snake bite
b) Killed in battle
c) Murdered by Senators
d) Died of old age

When did Caesar die?
a) March 15, 44 B.C.
b) A.D. 14
c) October 31, 44 B.C.
d) A.D. 33

What is a Civil War?
a) A kind of war where people just talk
b) A war between people of different nations
c) A fierce war where elephants are used
d) A war between people of the same nation

What famous quote did Iulius Caesar say?
a) Carpe diem
b) Veni, vidi, vici
c) Cogito, ergo sum
d) Beatus ille

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