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Giving worship to a creature or thing instead of to God is
a) idolatry
b) superstition
c) influence
d) correct answer not given

The ________ lost tribes of Israel were never heard from again.
a) ten
b) twelve
c) nine
d) eight

In 747 B.C., the king of _____________ attacked Israel.
a) Assyria
b) Babylon
c) Judah
d) America

Jezebel worshipped the false god named
a) Baal
b) Cyrano
c) Bull
d) Isis

The prophet _________ predicted Israel's destruction.
a) Amos
b) Ahab
c) Jeroboam II
d) Rehoboam

_______________ died and the united Israel was divided.
a) Solomon
b) Ahab
c) David
d) Saul

The kingdom made up of the northern tribes became known as __________
a) Israel
b) Judah
c) Assyria
d) Babylon

The name __________ means "Yahweh is my God."
a) Elijah
b) Elisha
c) Amos
d) Hosea

Elijah threw a cloak over Elisha to show he was a _______
a) prophet
b) king
c) Assyrian
d) Israelite

The two southern tribes became known as
a) Judah
b) Israel
c) babylon
d) Assyrai

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