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What is the current I-Jet Password?
a) Monday!20
b) monday$20
c) Tuesday!20
d) Monday!30

2 systems have been added to the ATB monitoring computer, what are they?
a) RAMS and GEMS
b) RTI University and I-Jet
c) PH Tank and LPR
d) Skype and Live Viewer

Who is in charge of the weather radio
a) The SOC
b) ATB
c) Claire

What is the new key in the keybox for?
a) MCR
b) Medical Locker
c) Paper towel dispenser
d) Emergency Locker

What program should be running at all times.
c) I-Jet
d) Oregon Trail

When are regular PTO requests due?
a) by the 5th of the month
b) by the 25th of the month before
c) by the 25th of the month prior to the month of the request
d) 24 hours ahead of time

Who is allowed to check out the Building Master key at ATB?
a) Brad Washabaugh, Allwyne Richards, and Stan Parker
b) Stan Parker, Barb Phillips, and Willie Trowell
c) Stan Parker, Barb Phillips, Willie Trowell, and Claire Church
d) Stan Parker, Barb Phillips, Willie Trowell, Claire Church, and the 3 team leads.

There is a major water leak in the ATB men's bathroom, who calls the on call Electrician?
a) ATB
b) Automatic Call from the system
c) The SOC
d) Neither, the SOC would call the on call HVAC.

What system would have a zone alarm in purple
a) PH Tank
b) I-Jet
d) Doppler 5000

Who is called when mail is delivered to the ATB Lobby Desk
a) Lou Benoit
b) Ricky Scaggs
c) Tom Kindle
d) Claire Church

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