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Which African American athlete won four gold medals in the Olympic Games hosted in Berlin during the Nazi regime?
a) Carl Lewis
b) Timothy Thomsom
c) James Fitzgerald
d) Jesse Owens

Which German city hosted the Olympic Games in 1936 during the Nazi period?
a) Frankfurt
b) Berlin
c) Bonn
d) Munich

Which country was excluded from the Olympics until Barcelona ‘92 because of the racist regime known as Apartheid?
a) South Africa
b) China
c) USA
d) Zimbabwe

The terrorist attack of Munich Olympic Games took place in the year…
a) 1968
b) 1972
c) 1976
d) 1980

How many athletes were murdered in the terrorist attack during Munich Olympic Games?
a) None
b) 11
c) 16
d) 19

Who was the first female Olympic champion in the history?
a) Charlotte Cooper (from UK)
b) Stephenie Meyer (from USA)
c) Brigitte Berendonk (from Germany)
d) María Echeverría (from Mexico)

Women participated at first time in the Olympic Games that took place in…
a) Athens 1896
b) Paris 1900
c) Saint Louis 1904
d) London 1908

The 1944 Olympic Games were cancelled by the development of World War II. Those Olympics were going to take place in the city of…
a) London
b) Rome
c) Tokyo
d) Berlin

The Olympic Games of Moscow 1980 were boycotted by...
a) USA
b) Argentina
c) Norway
d) All choices

The Soviet Union boycotted The Olympic Games of...
a) Barcelona 1992
b) Los Angeles 1984
c) Seoul 1988
d) Atlanta 1996

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