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An important warning sign of volcanic activity
a) would be a change in local wind pattern
b) is a bulge in the surface of the volcano
c) might be a decrease ini earthquake activity
d) is a marked increase in local temperature

The difference between oceanic and continental crust are
a) oceanic crust is younger and more dense
b) oceanic crust is older and less dense
c) continental crust is younger and less dense
d) continental crust is older and denser

The gradual development of new organisms from preexisting organisms is called?
a) sedimentation
b) replacement
c) deposition
d) evolution

The Earth's magnetic field results from movement in the
a) mantle
b) outer core
c) inner core
d) crust

When two continental plates diverge
a) a mid-ocean ridge forms
b) a deep-ocean trench forms
c) a rift valley forms
d) large mountain ranges form

What formed when the uppermost portion of the Earth's mantle cooled?
a) meteorites
b) radioactive isotopes
c) sediments
d) Earth's Crust

The geological time scale is a record of
a) the thickness of sedimentary rock layers
b) the rate of fossil formation
c) the life forms and geological events in Earth's history
d) the time since the evolution of dinosaurs

What part of the geologic time scale is the longest?
a) Mesozoic Era
b) Paleozoic Era
c) Precambrian Time
d) Cenozoic Era

Fossils are rarely found in Precambrian rock because
a) most Precambrian organisms did not have hard body parts that commonly form fossils
b) Precambrian rock is buried to deep for geologist to study it
c) most Precambrian organisms were to small to leave fossil remains
d) Precambrian rock is made of materials that prevented the formation of fossils

New ocean-floor is constantly being produced through the process known as
a) subduction
b) continental drift
c) sea - floor spreading
d) liquefaction

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