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Tectonic plates ride on the layer of Earth's mantle called the
a) lithosphere
b) oceanic crust
c) continental crust
d) asthenosphere

The element that makes up the largest percentage of the atmosphere is
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) ozone

The transfer of heat by the direct contact of particles of matter is
a) pressure
b) radiation
c) conduction
d) convection

When the oceanic and continental lithosphere collide,
a) the oceanic plate subducts
b) the continental plate subducts
c) no subduction takes place at all
d) they slip past each other in opposite directions

According to Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift,
a) Earth's surface is made up of seven major landmasses
b) the continents do not move
c) earth is slowly cooling and shrinking
d) the continents were once joined together in a sinigle landmass called Pangaea

The rate at which tectonic plates move in a year?
a) 44 cm a year
b) 2,750 cm a year
c) 110 cm a year
d) 11 cm a year

If the Coast Guard warns of a giant water wave approaching the shore as a result of a major earthquake, a ? is about to occur
a) a hurricane
b) a monsoon
c) a tsunami
d) a flood

In the hours after an earthquake, people should not go inside buildings, even if it appears undamaged, because of
a) aftershocks
b) liquefaction
c) tsunamis
d) deformation

Earth's atmosphere, oceans, and continents formed during a period of Earth's history called
a) Precambrian Period
b) Paleozoic Era
c) Mesozioc Era
d) Cenozoic Era

According the many beliefs or theory's, what caused the extinction of dinosaurs?
a) volcanic eruptions covered large areas with lava
b) an asteroid or meteorite from space crashed into the Earth
c) an ice age covered most of Earth with ice
d) the dinosaurs ate too many other organisms and they starved

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