Solid Earth #1 Question Preview (ID: 15274)

Final Exam Review.

What does a seismograph record?
a) the Mercalli scale rating for an earthquake
b) the speed of seismic waves
c) the ground movements caused by seismic waves
d) the location of the epicenter

The Earth's inner core and outer core is made of
a) iron and nickel
b) oxygen and silicon
c) copper and nickel
d) iron and silicon

The risk of earthquakes is high along the Pacific coast of the United States because
a) there have been no earthquakes there lately
b) serious earthquakes are rare east of the Rockies
c) satelliteshave detected increasing elevation of the ground surface
d) that is where the Pacific and North American plates meet along the San Andreas Fault

The layer that makes up most of the Earth's mass and volume is the
a) mantle
b) magma
c) crust
d) core

If you are inside during an earthquake,
a) lie down in an open area
b) call 911
c) get outside as quickly as possible
d) stand in a doorway or crouch under a desk

What is the correct order starting at the surface of Earth's layers?
a) crust, outer core, inner core, mantle
b) mantle, outer core, inner core, crust
c) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
d) outer core, inner core, crust, mantle

What type of seismic wave can travel through liquids?
a) Primary Waves (P Waves)
b) Secondary Waves (S Waves)

What is the order in which seismic waves are recorded by a seismometer?
a) S Waves, P Waves, Surface Wave
b) Surface Wave, P Wave, S Wave
c) P Wave, S Wave, Surface Wave
d) S Wave, Surface Wave, P Wave

Most earthquakes and volcanoes form along
a) islands in the Pacific Ocean
b) North American mountain range
c) the boundaries of Earth's plates
d) the coast of Antartica

What is the commonly accepted age of Earth?
a) 46 billion years ago
b) 4.6 billion years ago
c) 46 million years ago
d) 4.6 million years ago

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