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6th Gr - 2nd Semester Review.[print questions]

1 Which characteristic of South Asian cultures best explains the political divisions of the region
a) religious differences
b) language differences
c) differences in economic activities
d) the history of invasion by Asian powers

Which type of industry is the Indian government attempting to reform?
a) agricultural industry
b) wholesale industry
c) manufacturing industry
d) service industry

The actions of the Indian government is an example of human -
a) migrating to new regions
b) modifying the environment
c) protecting the environment
d) adapting to the environment

Which geographic factor has most influenced the location of wheat production in India?
a) nearness to sources of fresh water
b) year­round dry growing season
c) introduction of artificial fertilizers
d) rich soil of the Himalaya Mountains

How do monsoons most benefit India?
a) The winds provide ideal conditions for overseas trade
b) The rains provide permanent snows in the Himilayan Mountains
c) The winds supply power for windmills that provide much of the energy for individual homes.
d) The rains provide fresh water for drinking and irrigations

Which government in South Asia is most similar to the United States Government?
a) India
b) Nepal
c) Bhutan
d) Pakistan

11 Which cultural institution guides the moral and social life for most people in India?
a) Islam
b) Jainism
c) Sikhism
d) Hinduism

12 In Indian democracy, just as in the United States, voting in an election is considered -
a) an illegal act
b) civil disobedience
c) civic responsibility
d) a requirement by law

14 Why does the government of India most likely observe Diwali as an official holiday?
a) F Diwali celebrates Indian democracy and education.
b) G As a Hindu holiday, most Indians celebrate the festival
c) H The festival recognizes Indian independence from Britain
d) J The Indian government considers Diwali a patriotic celebration.

15 Which film production industry in India creates movies that often reflect Indian traditions and Hindu themes?
a) Hinglish
b) Bollywood
c) Parallel Cinema
d) Cinema of Assam

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