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Rome's location was good for building an empire because it was
a) full of mountains and seven hills.
b) close to northern asia.
c) surrounded by land.
d) near the Mediterranean Sea.

Which of the following describes how Romans worshiped?
a) They only worshiped gods.
b) They only worshiped goddesses.
c) They selected one god to worship their entire lifetime.
d) They honored gods and goddesses who had Greek counterparts.

Christians were blamed for problems in the Roman Empire including
a) attacks from foreignors.
b) the fire which burned most of Rome.
c) the earthquake which desroyed most of Rome.
d) the rise of taxes.

Julius Caesar's death an nephew's victory over Mark Antony marked
a) the end of the Roman Republic and beginning of Roman Empire.
b) the end of the Roman Empire and beginning of Roman Republic.
c) the last time a leader's relative took power.
d) the last public election in ancient Rome.

In the earliest days of the Republic, plebeians
a) were usually senators.
b) could be elected as consuls.
c) were slaves from conquered lands.
d) could not hold office or be senators.

About 1/3 of all Romans were
a) Patricians
b) Aristocrats
c) Slaves
d) Plebeians

One reason Julius Caesar was killed was because he
a) broke up estates and gave them to plebeians.
b) lost control of Gaul.
c) took away the rights of the plebeians.
d) was gaining too much power.

Rome enjoyed peace and prosperity
a) during the Pax Romana.
b) immediately after Augustus died.
c) after Caesar's assassination.
d) during the reign of Commodus.

This emperor severely persecuted Christians:
a) Augustus
b) Claudius
c) Nero
d) Hadrian

This emperor was a great soldier-emperor and rebuilt the city of Rome
a) Trajan
b) Commodos
c) Nero
d) Tiberius

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