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China's physical geography
a) created barriers to the outide world.
b) made it easy for outsiders to invade.
c) made it easy to trade with others
d) created a peninsula

The Silk Road was important because
a) It was a route followed by Confucius.
b) It enabled silk made in the West to be brought to China
c) It was a military route followed by Chinese armies.
d) It was a trade route that connected China with the West.

This philosophy was taught in China and teaches the
a) Taoism
b) Christianity
c) Confucianism
d) Buddhism

This religion was the foundation of Buddhism
a) Hinduism
b) Christianity
c) Taoism
d) Confucianism

Hindus were placed in different social classes called
a) occupations
b) artisans
c) castes
d) clans

Buddha taught that the cure for human suffering was to
a) worship many gods.
b) give up selfish desires.
c) gain wealth through hard work.
d) exercise and eat healthy foods.

Hinduism is different from other religions in that
a) it has no single founder.
b) believers rely on a single sacred book.
c) it developed fairly recently
d) it does not have many followers

Both Hindus and Buddhists believe in
a) the caste system
b) reincarnation
c) Selfishness = Suffering
d) many gods and goddesses

Chinese and Egyptian history is divided into time periods called
a) empires.
b) dynasties.
c) clans.
d) civilizations.

China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt all developed
a) as a result of serious drought.
b) because they were surrounded by mountains.
c) because of vast deserts that attracted settlers.
d) because rivers deposited rich soil suitable for farming.

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