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the release of a movie the evening before its official opening
a) preview
b) matinee
c) early bird special
d) IMAX movie

an award given to people in the television industry by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
a) Emmy
b) Grammy
c) Tony
d) Oscar

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Short-haul destinations are those closest to a traveler's home.
b) The airline's website is the only place you can purchase an e-ticket.
c) Travel and tourism does not support business for the sports and entertainment trade.

Which of the following statements is FALSE?
a) Peak seasons occur during times when the weather is ideal.
b) Tourists are a major source of earnings for sports and entertainment venues.
c) A small number of the total market is known as a sample.
d) all of these statements are true

Which of the following statements are true?
a) Theme parks offer mainly activities and attractions for adults only.
b) Hall of Fames are created only for professional sports.
c) Wear out occurs when an ad loses its effectiveness due to over exposure or poor message quality.

pre-evening shows (Movies)
a) early bird specials
b) reruns
c) matinees
d) previews

an award given to a professional in theater for distinguished achievement
a) Tony
b) Grammy
c) Emmy
d) Oscar

ensures that the movie is available where the viewer wants it
a) place utility
b) economic utility
c) posession utility
d) tiering

results from making the movie available at an affordable price
a) possession utility
b) economic utility
c) place utility
d) tiering

means that certai sports programs outside the basic cable package wold incur extra costs for the viewers who choose them
a) tiering
b) economic utility
c) place utility
d) posession utility

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