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A ___ works closely with athletes who are unable to police themselves.
a) handler
b) agent
c) ghostwriter
d) advisor

A financial and business counselor but not a behavior monitor
a) advisor
b) agent
c) handler
d) public relations manager

a system of deciding what is right and wrong in a reasoned and impartial manner
a) ethics
b) business
c) goodwill
d) vertical integration

the arm of marketing that concerns itself with creating a favorable public opinion for an individual or organization
a) public relations
b) personal selling
c) advertising
d) promotions

a professional that helps athletes market their books
a) literary agent
b) pubilc relations manager
c) advisor
d) handler

what a company needs before it can market products with the likeness of sports figures, teams, emblems, or other official sports insignias
a) license
b) royalty
c) goodwill
d) publicity

a negotiated percentage of all gross slaes of particular products
a) license
b) royalty
c) goodwill
d) publicity

a general willingness to work with or assist a person or organziation based on a positive reputation or relationship
a) goodwill
b) license
c) trade show
d) public relations

a business structure in which one company controls several different areas of the same industry
a) vertical integration
b) cartel
c) trade show
d) public relations

brings potential customers together in one location so they can hear and see promotional informaiton about products
a) trade show
b) peak season travel
c) ecotourism
d) award show

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