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Limited time offers, give-aways, coupons, and free samples are considered part of ___.
a) publicity
b) sales promotion
c) personal selling
d) endorsements

Many sports authors do not actually write their own books. Instead, they hire a ___ who commits it to a paper for a fee.
a) ghostbuster
b) ghostwriter
c) literary agent
d) public relations manager

a record of all revenue received and all expenses incurred is the ___.
a) income statement
b) budget
c) forecast
d) balance sheet

The first step in the advertising process is to ___.
a) choose the media
b) develop a schedule
c) create a theme
d) set a measurable goal

The estimated number of targeted demographic segments reached by the media is referred to as ___.
a) reach
b) cost
c) frequency
d) effectiveness

The recreation business is driven by ___.
a) desire for fitness and good appearance
b) leisure time and discretionary income
c) the high price of professional sports
d) all of these

An attempt to minimize the negative impact of a visiting sensitive environments is ___.
a) travel when the country's economy is down
b) self-indulgence travel
c) ecotourism
d) none of these

____ is a payoff or profit received in addition to regular wages or payments.
a) perk
b) goodwill
c) ethics
d) preview

____ is a combination of independent businesses formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of a product.
a) cartel
b) literary agent
c) trade show
d) vertical integration

___ is the legal representation of a celebrity.
a) agent
b) advisor
c) literary agent
d) handler

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