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a) Is the sum of the area of a square and a circle.
b) Is the difference between the area of a square and a circle.
c) Is the difference between the area of a square and a semicircle.
d) Is the addition of the area of a square and a semicircle.

The base and the height of a triangle...
a) (b) and (d) are right answer
b) Could be the legs in a right triangle
c) Any sides of the triangle could be base and height
d) Base and height must be perpendicular

a) A cuboid
b) A pyramid
c) (a) (d) are right answers
d) A prism

What is the difference between a square and a rhombus?
a) Both have equal sides
b) A rhombus has four right angles and a square has four equal angles.
c) A square has four equal angles and a rhombus has equal pairs of angles.
d) The sum of the angles is 180º for a rhombus and 360º for a square.

a) Five units.
b) Four units
c) Six units
d) Seven units

a) Regular polygon
b) Heptagon
c) Pentagon
d) Hexagon

The Pythagorean Theorem...
a) Can be used for right triangles only
b) Can be used for any type of triangle
c) Can be used in similar triangles
d) Can be used for equilateral triangles only

The addition of the angles of a quadrilateral has to be....
a) Equal to 300 degrees
b) Equal to 180 degrees
c) Equal to 360 degrees
d) Less than 360 degrees

What is the name of this 3D-shape?
a) Pyramid
b) Prism
c) Sphere
d) Cone

What is the relationship between the volume of a sphere and a cylinder with the same radius and height?
a) The volume of cylinder is three time the volumen of the cone
b) There is no relationship
c) The volumen of the cone is half of the volume of the cylinder
d) They have the same volume

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