Business Management Spring TEKS Review #4 Question Preview (ID: 15197)

A Review Of TEKS Covered In Business Management.[print questions]

Managers use information systems to reduce the amount of time spent:
a) communicating with employees
b) in training
c) on controlling activities
d) using a computer

The function being performed when a manager is carrying out plans and helping employees work effectively is:
a) planning
b) implementing
c) organizing
d) controlling

The Five Steps in the Decision Making Process in order are:
a) Evaluate&Make Decision/Define Problem/Identify Alternatives/Implement Decision/Monitor&Control
b) Define Problem/Evaluate&Make Decision/Identify Alternatives/Implement Decision/Monitor&Control
c) Monitor&Control/Define Problem/Evaluate&Make Decision/Identify Alternatives/Implement Decision
d) Define Problem/Identify Alternatives/Evaluate&Make Decision/Implement Decision/Monitor&Control

Employee benefits:
a) Can significantly increase the total compensation an employee receives
b) Are only offered to salaried employees
c) Are also called bonuses
d) All of these are correct

Which of the following statements about the treatment of employees is NOT true?
a) Employees want to participate in wellness programs
b) Employees want to participate in decisions affecting their work lives
c) Employees want more variety in their work
d) Employees want less on-the-job responsibility

Jobs that are part of the employee’s career path are identified in the employer’s:
a) performance standard
b) career plan
c) evaluation
d) career center

A main characteristic of a leader is:
a) motivation
b) communication skills
c) confidence and integrity
d) all of these

A _________ organization is one with fewer levels of management than traditional structures.
a) centralized
b) decentralized
c) matrix
d) flattened

Authority in an organization is delegated:
a) from top to bottom
b) from employees to customers
c) from one manager to another but never from a manager to an employee
d) from one department to another

When a new business first begins to organize activities into units, it should:
a) Put all activities into one large unit
b) Prepare unit work schedules
c) Create many small units
d) Group activities into a few natural divisions

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