Business Management Spring TEKS Review #3 Question Preview (ID: 15195)

A Review Of TEKS Covered In Business Management.[print questions]

Managers use information systems to reduce the amount of time spent:
a) using a computer
b) in training
c) on controlling activities
d) communicating

A theory that states that to gain trade advantage in a global market a country should specialize in products or services that it can provide more efficiently than other countries i
a) balance of payments
b) comparative advantage
c) embargo
d) strategic alliance

Which of the following is NOT a part of the controlling process?
a) establishing standards
b) motivating employees
c) taking corrective action
d) measuring and comparing performance

If companies spend too much time correcting errors and redoing work, it is likely that the supervisors are not effective in using:
a) time management
b) communication
c) quality control
d) evaluation

Communication is:
a) The ability to effectively express your goals, plans, and ideas
b) The ability to communicate with others
c) The ability to listen to others
d) All of these

A schedule is:
a) A specific measure against which something is judged
b) A time plan for reaching objectives
c) A list of steps to be followed for performing certain work
d) A planning guide

A Mission Statement is:
a) The company's reason for existing
b) An examination of a company's strengths
c) A short, specific statement of a business's purpose and direction
d) The company's reason for existing AND a short, specific statement of a business's purpose and direct

The management style whose philosophy is to let employees make their own decisions, holds meetings, and takes everyone’s input into consideration is called:
a) autocratic
b) free-rein
c) democratic
d) none of these

The management style whose philosophy is to set goals for their employees and entrust them to get the job done, show confidence in their employees, and use delegation is called:
a) free-rein
b) democratic
c) autocratic
d) none of these

Which statement is TRUE about pollution?
a) Pollutants do not kill fish or other marine life
b) Smog is not a form of pollution generated from motor vehicles
c) Pollution dangers have become less and less apparent throughout the decade
d) Pollution creates breathing problems

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