Business Management Spring TEKS Review #1 Question Preview (ID: 15193)

Review Of TEKS Covered In Business Management.[print questions]

A main characteristic of a leader is:
a) motivation
b) communication skills
c) confidence and integrity
d) all of these

The organization structure that is efficient but with many layers of management is:
a) Line organization
b) Matrix organization
c) Line-and-staff organization
d) All of these

Motivation is made up of:
a) Initiative
b) Having goals
c) The ability to listen to others
d) All of these

Authority in an organization is delegated:
a) from top to bottom
b) from employees to customers
c) from one manager to another but never from a manager to an employee
d) from one department to another

When a new business first begins to organize activities into units, it should:
a) Put all activities into one large unit
b) Prepare unit work schedules
c) Create many small units
d) Group activities into a few natural divisions

A standard is:
a) a specific measure against which something is judged
b) a time plan for reaching objectives
c) a guideline used in making decisions regarding specific, recurring, situations
d) a planning tool

In the last three decades, the labor participation rate for women has:
a) increased
b) stayed about the same
c) decreased a little
d) decreased a lot

The extent to which people enter and leave employment in a business during a year is known as:
a) employment turnover
b) transfers and terminations
c) the application process
d) layoffs

A method of inventory control in which the company maintains very small inventories and obtains materials just in time for use is called:
a) just-in-time
b) collection
c) e-commerce
d) loss prevention

Jobs that are part of the employee’s career path are identified in the employer’s:
a) performance standard
b) career plan
c) evaluation
d) career center

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