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How are igneous rocks formed?
a) from the cooling & hardening of molten material
b) by being deposited in layers from weathered rock material
c) by slowly being deposited from dripping water on cave floors over time
d) from two or more rocks that have morphed together under intense pressure

How are igneous rocks classified in general?
a) basic and acidic
b) organic and inorganic
c) intrusive and extrusive
d) foliated and nonfoliated

What is NOT a characteristic of granite, a common intrusive igneous rock?
a) It has a phaneritic texture
b) It has a glassy appearance
c) It is generally of a light color
d) It is mostly made of feldspar and quartz

Why are the crystals of intrusive igneous rock typically larger than those of extrusive igneous rock?
a) because the magma cools very quickly
b) because the magma cools much slower
c) because of a higher water content in the magma
d) because the temperatures of the magma are much lower

What type of intrusive igneous rock texture has the largest crystals?
a) aphanitic
b) pegmatitic
c) phaneritic
d) porphyritic

Where are extrusive rock formed?
a) under Earth's mantle
b) at the center of the Earth
c) at or near the Earth's surface
d) under layers of ocean floor sedimentation

What condition causes pumice to be so porous?
a) the slow cooling of lava
b) the loss of the crystals that were formed during cooling
c) the rapid release of numerous gas bubbles during cooling
d) erosion by acid rain that is produced after a volcanic explosion

What type of texture results when extrusive igneous rock cools so quickly that crystallization does not occur?
a) glassy
b) aphanitic
c) phaneritic
d) porphyritic

Which is not a common extrusive igneous rock?
a) basalt
b) granite
c) rhyolite
d) andesite

What are the two ways the igneous rock are classified?
a) by luster and color
b) by heft and specific
c) by composition and texture
d) by radioactivity and polarity

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