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Which publication format offers small, ready-to-be-scored text boxes with information text in them?
a) Notes
b) Tear-offs
c) Tickets
d) Vouchers

Modifying the appearance of a publication is called:
a) Designing
b) Editing
c) Formatting
d) Styling

What procedure automatically adjusts the way text is sized in a textbox?
a) AutoCorrect
b) AutoFit
c) AutoFormat
d) AutoResize

Small shapes that are displayed aournd an object when it is selected is called:
a) Grids
b) Guides
c) Rules
d) Handles

Where can you find information such as the project author, title, subject, and keywords?
a) Comments
b) Credentials
c) Documentation
d) Properties

What key do you use to view KeyTips for certain commands
a) ALT
c) Shift
d) Tab

An object in a publication designed to hold text in a specific shape, size and color
a) Image
b) Shape
c) Text area
d) Text box

How do you reserve space for a graphic or image in a publication
a) clip
b) Picture Placholder
c) Image
d) Text Placeholder

A graphical or text element, such as a page part, that can be inserted into a publication is known as this.
a) Building Block
b) Image
c) Placeholder
d) Template

Text boxes that are displayed in rows and columns are called?
a) Chart
b) Table
c) Diagram
d) Graph

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