Afghanistan--Sports And Women--Hammond Question Preview (ID: 15161)

Research Inspired By The Book The Breadwinner By Deborah Ellis.[print questions]

What do they use on their kite strings when they are kite-fighting?
a) Glass
b) Wood
c) Metal
d) Paper

What do children in Afghanisatan use to play a game?
a) Eggs
b) Watermelon
c) Grapes
d) Rocks

What sports do both Afghanistan and the United States play?
a) Soccer and Wrestling
b) Football and Soccer
c) Golf only
d) Hockey and Basketball

What do people in Afghanistan use to protect themselves from the glass on their kite strings?
a) Gloves
b) Socks
c) Their sleeves
d) Rags

One peculiar sport in Afghanistan involves....
a) Goats
b) Rats
c) Fish
d) Sheep

At what time of day do kids in Afghanistan have egg fights?
a) At night
b) In the afternoon
c) At dawn
d) In the morning

Many women live in homes with....
a) Screens and high walls
b) Windows and small walls
c) Curtains and book shelves
d) Flowers and television

Women in Afghanistan were only allowed to show their....
a) Hands
b) Arms
c) Legs
d) Head

Women in Afghanistan now have the right to...
a) Work
b) Buy stuff
c) Play games
d) Run

What did some Muslims do to women?
a) Capture and kill them
b) Give them money
c) Give them free food
d) Give them a nice place to live

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