1920's And The Great Depression Question Preview (ID: 15150)

Chapters 20-23.[print questions]

All of the following were causes of the Great Depression except?
a) Stock Market Crash
b) Buying on margin/speculation.
c) Easy to obtain credit.
d) Farmers were making record profits.

What was Black Tuesday?
a) The day the stock market crashed.
b) The day JFK was assassinated.
c) It signaled the end of the Great Depression.
d) The day the majority of the banks closed.

What was the Harlem Renaissance?
a) A religious revolution.
b) A civil rights movement in the 1920's.
c) A rebirth of African American culture and literature.
d) A band from the 1950's that introduced rock and roll.

What was Hoover's approach to the Great Depression?
a) Engage in huge deficit spending to help the poor.
b) Little gov't intervention and encourage businesses to help fix the economy.
c) Have the gov't create as many jobs as possible.
d) Direct gov't relief.

What was FDR's approach to the Great Depression?
a) Encouraging individuals to help themselves instead of relying on the government.
b) Encouraging charities to help out more than the government.
c) Direct government relief.
d) Encouraging businesses to not lay off employees.

What is buying on margin?
a) Borrowing money to buy stock.
b) Purchasing a stockfrom a broker instead of on your own.
c) Selling your stock.
d) Paying less than what the stock is worth.

What is the Red Scare?
a) Concerns in the United States regarding communism.
b) A symbol of America's growing isolationism in the 20's and 30's.
c) The fear that Hitler was going to conquer the United States.
d) The targeting of Hollywood actors and directors.

What does the 18th amendment do?
a) Women's right to vote.
b) Income tax
c) Banned the manufacturing, sale, and transportation of alcohol.
d) Repealing the Prohibition of alcohol.

All of the following are changes women encountered in the 1920's except?
a) Shorter dresses and hair.
b) Drinking and smoking in public.
c) Moving towards a more traditional role in the family.
d) The right to vote.

What does debt mean?
a) You are spending more money than you make.
b) Money owned to an individual or company.
c) The government creates programs for direct relief.
d) Creation of jobs.

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