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This is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place.
a) RAM (Random Access Memory)
b) Hard Drive
c) Optical Disk Drive
d) CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The more RAM (Random Access Memory) a computer has:
a) the faster the computer's cpu calculates
b) the more data you can save
c) the higher the cost of the computer
d) the more programs you can have open at the same time

A file extension is the suffix at the end of a filename that indicates:
a) what type of file it is
b) how large the file is
c) who created the file
d) what type of computer was used to create the file

Both individuals and businesses can suffer from unauthorized access problems on the internet which can lead to:
a) stolen information
b) damaged files
c) damaged hard drives
d) all the above

A computer's operating system:
a) is a hardware application
b) determines how fast a computer can process information
c) is software that controls all of the other software programs
d) can be changed easily on any computer

Digital information is information that is represented as individual pieces of data using;
a) the numbers 1-12
b) letters A-G
c) the numbers 1 and 0
d) streaming numbers

A computer's software can also be called an application or program. When a person interacts with a computer:
a) software is not used in processing any commands
b) software does not utilize digital information
c) software takes the person's commands and turns them into instructions that the computer will process
d) none of the above

A driver is a specially written program which understands
a) the operation of the device it interfaces to, such as a printer or video card
b) the digital code of all operating systems
c) computer standards
d) the operation of only word processing programs

One great characteristic of a PDF file is that the recipient:
a) can see every revision of the file
b) does not have to have the same software program in order to read or see the file
c) can edit and change every PDF that can be read
d) must have the same version of the software as the sender

Anyone may create applications that can read and write PDF files:
a) if they purchase the adobe software that creates them
b) but must receive written permission
c) if they have an apple produced computer
d) without having to pay royalties to Adobe Systems

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