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Which of the following is in order from the least complex level to the most complex level?
a) cell, system, organ, tissue
b) cell, tissue, organ, system
c) tissue, cell, organ, system
d) tissue, system, organ, cell

Which two body systems are needed for movement
a) muscle and circulatory
b) endocrine and lymphatic
c) muscle and nervous
d) endocrine and muscle

Which of the following is best described as a structure consisting of several tissues?
a) an organ system
b) an organ
c) a cell
d) an organism

Which two body systems remove foodstuff waste from our bodies
a) digestive and urinary
b) endocrine and lymphatic
c) lymphatic and digestive
d) circulatory and digestive

Which of the following is not a characteristic of arthropods?
a) compound eye
b) eight legs
c) exoskeletons
d) segmentation

The word arthropoda means
a) “jointed leg”
b) “most diverse”
c) “fused body”
d) “exoskeleton”

Of all the animals, what percentage of species are invertebrates?
a) 95%
b) 75%
c) 15%
d) 5%

All of the following are arthropods except
a) spiders
b) crabs
c) clam worms
d) centipedes

The most diverse group of animals on Earth are the
a) reptiles
b) insects
c) mammals
d) amphibians

Millipedes feed mainly on
a) decayed plants
b) insects
c) crustaceans
d) soil

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