Musliums And Women In Afghanistan--Malone Question Preview (ID: 15066)

Research Inspired By The Book The Breadwinner By Deborah Ellis.[print questions]

What is the name of the Muslium holy book ?
a) Karan
b) Bible
c) Alah
d) Hajii

What happened to women if any part of their body was shown ?
a) They were beaten
b) They were shunned
c) They were shot
d) They were put in jail

How many times a day do Musliums pray?
a) 5 times
b) 1 time
c) 12 times
d) 7 times

Who are the only men that women are allowed to be around in Afghanistan?
a) Husbunds and relatives
b) Every man
c) Everybody except relatives
d) Only the Taliban

What is the name of the Muslim messenger of Alah?
a) Muhammad
b) Jesus
c) God
d) There is no mesenger

What year were women's rights taken away in Afghanistan?
a) 1996
b) 1994
c) 2001
d) 1947

What foods are Muslims not allowed to eat ?
a) Pork and alchohol
b) Carrots and peaches
c) Soda and crab
d) Italian food

What day is the Muslim holy day?
a) Friday
b) Sunday
c) Tuesday
d) Everyday

If you touch a baby in the womb on an eclipse, what will happen to the baby according to the Muslim faith?
a) A mark will appear on the baby when it is born.
b) It will have a big head.
c) The baby will be worshipeed as a King.
d) The baby will have good luck.

What did women wear to hide their face from the Taliban?
a) Burka
b) Veil
c) Baseball cap
d) Mask

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