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The early Russian civilization adopted the Eastern Orthodox religion, the Cyrillic alphabet, and different styles of art and architecture through the contact with
a) traders from China
b) conquering Mongol invaders
c) Vickings from the north
d) missionaries from the Byzantine Empire

Hinduism was the dominant religion, Murals were painted on the Ajanta cave walls, The concept of zero and the decimal system were introduced
a) Gupta
b) Maurya
c) Persian
d) British

Which belief system is considered momotheistic?
a) Jainism
b) Daoism
c) Judaism
d) Shinto

How did the geography of the Italian peninsula influence the development of the Roman Empire?
a) The unnavigatable rivers in the north psrt of the peninsula protected the Romans from their neighbor
b) The harsh climate prevented agriculture on the Italian peninsula
c) The lengthy, rugged seacoast encouraged frequent invations.
d) The location of the peninsula contributed to Roman control of the Mediterranean region.

What is the Neolithic Revolution?
a) civilization developed
b) humans first learned to use fire
c) life expectancy declined
d) people began to hunt and gather for food

One reason historians study geology it to
a) help predict changes in government
b) show connections between people and places
c) tell when events took place
d) explore the value systems of early people

Technological achievements made during the Tang and Song dynasties were important because they
a) were used to defeat Kublai Khan
b) contributed to economic growth and cultural advancement
c) increased contact with the Americas
d) led to social equality between men and women

What was a major charateristic of the Renaissance in Europe?
a) secular achievements were emphasized
b) suffereage was granted to men and women
c) most literature was written in Arabic
d) most ancient Greek and Roman ideas were rejected.

What was one result of the travels of Marco Polo?
a) Africa remained isolated
b) Ottoman power decreased
c) Colonies were established in Japan.
d) Interest in Asian cultures increased.

Which advancement in technology revolutionized the way ideas were spread throughout wester Europe in the 15th century?
a) development of the astrolob
b) introduction of the telegraph
c) improvements in the printing press
d) creation of the telescope

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