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A rifle being cocked can communicate ______.
a) Dread
b) Triumph
c) Warmth
d) Suspense

Mood can be enhanced by ______________.
a) The # of characters
b) Narration
c) Background Sounds
d) Sequence

Fireworks can signal ______.
a) Warmth
b) Dread
c) Disgust
d) Triumph

Which of the following is NOT used to make a sound track?
a) Library Sounds
b) Workspace Sound Effects
c) Foley Sound Effects
d) Production Tracks

What are the three ways program audio delivers information?
a) Sound Effects, Non-Verbal Ques, Dialogue
b) Dialogue, Narration, Sound Effects
c) Narration, Sound Effects, Dialogue
d) Dialogue, Narration, Non-Verbal ques

Which of the following are usually not visible and often best conveyed through words?
a) Thought & Emotions
b) Disdain & Character
c) Character & Thoughts
d) Character & Emotions

Sounds of bodies being hurt can evoke ______.
a) Disgust
b) Dread
c) Triumph
d) Warmth

Footsteps echoing on concrete create ______.
a) Dread
b) Suspense
c) Disgust
d) Triumph

Sound can create or reinforce a ______ through the background sounds associated with it.
a) Effect
b) Emotion
c) Character
d) Locale

Listeners cannot listen to ______ selectively.
a) Video Sound
b) Narration
c) Dialogue
d) Real World Sound

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