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What city is the oldest and largest in Afghanistan?
a) Mazari-Shareefl
b) Agra
c) Rawal Pindi
d) Kandahanl

What animal in used to carry items in the city?
a) Donkeys
b) Horses
c) Cows
d) Lambs

What is the same about Denven and Mazari-Shareefl?
a) It snows in both cities.
b) It is always very hot in both cities.
c) It rains every day in both cities.
d) It is always -4 degrees or lower

How many students are enrolled in schools in Afghanistan?
a) 5.4 million
b) 6.8 million
c) 5.1 million
d) 10 million

Where did students go to school when their schools were destroyed?
a) Into tents
b) Into houses
c) Into campers
d) On the streets

How were many schools destroyed?
a) By Civil War
b) Hurricanes
c) Tornadoes
d) Floods

What sport do people in Afghanistan play the most?
a) Bizciki
b) Toe Pay Dandu
c) Pahlwan
d) Field hockey

What is Pahlwan?
a) A type of wrestling
b) A type of horse riding
c) A type of football
d) A type of soccer

What are kites made of in Afghanistan?
a) Bamboo and rice paper
b) Sticks
c) Metal
d) Plastic

What sport in played by both children and adults in Afghanistan?
a) Kite fighting
b) Pahlwan
c) Wrestling
d) Tae Kwon Do

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