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Which group on the Insert Ribbon contains the command to insert a Chart into a slide?
a) Images
b) Illustrations
c) Links
d) Media

Which feature allows you to create graphical lists and porcess disgrams easily and quickly?
a) SmartArt
b) WordArt
c) ClipArt
d) Pictures

In Slide Sorter View, which method is used to change slide order?
a) Move command from the shortcut Menu
b) Move command from the quick access Toolbar
c) Click and drag to new location
d) Rearrange command from Home Ribbon

Which area in teh Print Dialog box is used to change the printer?
a) Printer Properties
b) Printer Status Dropdown
c) Print Edit
d) Print Setup command

Which print setting creates printouts of an entire slide on the top of the page and an area for speaker notes below the slide?
a) Full page slides
b) Notes Pages
c) Outline
d) Handouts

Which type of presentaion is used to teach an audience how something works or helps them understand a process or procedure?
a) Information presentations
b) Demonstrations
c) Training presentations
d) Persuasive presentations

What does the wavy, red line under a word in a presentation mean?
a) Misspelling
b) Grammar Error
c) Synonym available
d) Antonym available

When saving a presentation that will be exported to Microsoft Word 2010, which file type should be selected?
a) .pptx
b) .ppt
c) .rtf
d) .doc

On the Home Ribbon, which command in used to change the orientation of text in a text box to vertical, stacked, or rotated?
a) Justify
b) Center
c) Text direction
d) Text align

What is a list of statements with a special symbol to the left called?
a) Numbered list
b) Bulleted list
c) Symbol list
d) Alphabetized list

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