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Canada is
a) the second largest country in the world in population.
b) very hot year round.
c) is located south of the United States
d) the second largest country in the world in land mass.

The population of the United States is around
a) 33 million people.
b) 330 million people.
c) 310 million people.
d) 112 million people,

Which country celebrates Boxing Day?
a) Canada
b) all of the above
c) the United States
d) Mexico

Which statement is correct about Mexico?
a) The most common religion in Mexico is Islam.
b) The language that is spoken in Mexico is Spanish.
c) The langages that are spoken in Mexico are Spanish and French.
d) The language that is spoken in Mexico is Mexican.

Canada, the U.S., and Mexico signed a trade agreement called
b) PAN.
c) EZLN.
d) PRI.

Which country is a democratic federal republic?
a) Mexico
b) Guam
c) Canada
d) the U.S.

Most of the population lives within 100 miles of the border it shares with the U.S. Which country is this?
a) The U.S.
b) Canada
c) Costa Rica
d) Mexico

Which country colonized Mexico?
a) England
b) Portugal
c) Spain
d) France

What kind of government does Canada have?
a) A democratic federal republic.
b) A constitutional monarchy.
c) A federal republic.
d) A confederation with a parliamentary democracy

In which country is the President elected for one six year term?
a) The U.S.
b) all the above
c) Mexico
d) Canada

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