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Which coutry made voyages of discovery along West Africa?
a) Portugal
b) Europe
c) France
d) Spain

Which of the following statements DOES NOT correctly match the explorer with his accomplishment and country?
a) John Cabot claimed eastern Canada for Spain.
b) Robert LaSalle explored Mississippi River Valley for France
c) Francisco Coronado claimed the South West for Spain.
d) Samuel de Champlain established a French settlement at Quebec.

Which of the following statements accurately describes the interaction between the American Indians and a European group?
a) The Spanish established trading posts in the Mississippi River Valley.
b) The French established missions throughout the Southwest.
c) The English along the east coast learned Indian farming techniques.
d) The French conquered the American Indians of Canada.

Which explorer is NOT correctly matched with his sponsoring country?
a) Champlain sailed for Portugal.
b) Coronado sailed for Spain.
c) LaSalle sailed for France.
d) Cabot sailed for England.

Which is an example of Spanish interaction with Native Americans?
a) Conquered and enslaved American Indians
b) Established trading posts
c) Established settlements and claimed ownership of the land
d) Learned farming techniques from American Indians

One reason for conflict between the American Indians and the Europeans was -
a) the desire for American Indian corn.
b) the struggle over money.
c) the struggle over the concept of land.
d) disagreement over sailing ships.

Early French settlers and explorers most likely -
a) conquered and enslaved American Indians.
b) learned farming techniques from American Indians.
c) trapped and traded furs with American Indians.
d) tried to convert American Indians to Catholicism.

Quebec was a settlement founded by explorers and settlers from -
a) England
b) France
c) Spain
d) Portugal

Which of the following was NOT an obstacle faced by the early explorers?
a) lack of adequate supplies
b) starvation and disease
c) meetings with friendly natives
d) difficulties with navigation

All of the following were accomplishments of early explorers EXCEPT -
a) Exchanged goods & ideas
b) Conquered and Enslaved American Indians
c) Claimed territories
d) Improved navigational tools & ships

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