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What type of energy does a moving river have?
a) Chemical
b) Mechanical
c) Electrical
d) Thermal

Which type of energy is contained in a tank of gasoline?
a) Chemical
b) Mechanical
c) Electrical
d) Thermal

Thermal pollution refers to the harmful addition of what type of energy to the water and air?
a) Heat
b) Ultraviolet Radiation
c) Nuclear
d) Electrical

The heat energy in magma beneath Earth's surface is classified as:
a) Nuclear
b) Solar
c) Mechanical
d) Geothermal

Which of the following is a force?
a) Gravity
b) Temperature
c) Heat
d) Sound

What is the energy transformation that occurs in a ceiling fan?
a) Electrical to chemical
b) Electrical to mechanical
c) Mechanical to electrical
d) Mechanical to thermal

What energy transformation occurs when you rub your hands together?
a) Mechanical energy to heat energy
b) Mechanical energy to chemical energy
c) Chemical energy to heat energy
d) Heat energy to mechanical energy

Stored energy is
a) friction
b) potential energy
c) kinetic energy
d) gravitational energy

Which of the following groups all have kinetic energy?
a) Falling rock, rolling ball, burning log
b) Piece of coal, falling rock, rolling ball
c) Piece of coal, parked car, battery
d) Battery, falling rock, rolling ball

Which force causes avalanches and landslides?
a) Gravity
b) Magnetic
c) Electrical
d) Friction

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