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Which part of your body is situated between your elbow and your hand?
a) Heel
b) Arm
c) Wrist
d) Shoulder

How long is a canarian wrestling play?
a) 1 minute and 30 seconds
b) 2 minutes
c) 1 minute
d) 1 minute and 45 seconds

If you want to have a healthy life you should….
a) Eat tinned food
b) Eat a lot of fruits
c) Eat a lot of sweets
d) Don´t eat too much green vegetables.

Where will the next Olimpic games celebrate?
a) Europe, Paris
b) Europe, London
c) South America, Rio de Janeiro
d) South America, Montevideo

Why do you have to do the warm-up?
a) It´s not necessary to do it but it´s advisable
b) To improve our performance
c) To play better the next activity
d) To prevent injuries

You are the winner in a volleyball match when your team wins…..
a) Two sets
b) Three sets
c) Four sets
d) Five sets

There are three types of bones: Long bones, short bones and……
a) Straight bones
b) Round bones
c) Plane bones
d) Thin bones

A point is scored in ultimate sport when……
a) A member of the team catches the disc in the opponents end zone
b) You lose possesion of the disc
c) The disc touches the ground out of play
d) Your oponent is touched with the disc

Which is the last part of the p.e. lesson?
a) The warm-up
b) the cool down
c) the main part
d) sports games

How many players play on a volleyball match at the same time?
a) 8 players
b) 10 players
c) 12 players
d) 14 players

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