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The two methods of becoming a U.S. citizen are...
a) naturalization and immigration
b) immigration and patriotism
c) birth and immigration
d) birth and naturalization

United States citizenship is defined in the...
a) First Amendment
b) Fifth Amendment
c) Fourteenth Amendment
d) Sixteenth Amendment

A civic duty is an action that is
a) voluntary
b) manatory
c) optional
d) illegal

An example of a civic duty is...
a) registering to vote
b) going to college
c) paying taxes
d) voting

A civic responsibility is an action a citizen...
a) must complete
b) should not complete
c) does voluntarily
d) needs to do to avoid criminal charges

Mr. Blankenship has decided to vote and stay informed. Both of these are great examples of...
a) Civic Duties
b) Due Process
c) Civic Responsibilities
d) Freedom of Press

Which of the follow is NOT a requirement for a person do to become a US citizen?
a) To have family within the United States
b) To take an oath of loyalty
c) To pass a American History Exam
d) Demonstrate the ability to speak and write in English

Serving on a jury or as a witness is a...
a) Civic Responsibility
b) Civic Duty
c) .A full-time job
d) An example of our freedom of assembly

Mr. Blankenship sets up a lemonade stand to raise funds to help pay for this student's future college scholarships. This is an excellent example of...
a) Civic Duty
b) Community Service
c) Patriotism
d) Obeying Laws

Your homeroom class stands and recites the pledge of allegiance every morning. This is a great example of...
a) freedom of petition
b) accountibility
c) patriotism
d) honesty

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