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A partnership is owned by?
a) Two or more people
b) One person
c) A group of investors
d) The government

Jean is opening a pizza restaurant. she will take all the risk in order to keep all the profits. Jean is?
a) A corporation
b) An entrepreneur
c) A partner
d) A government worker

In a proprietorship, the profits are kept by?
a) One person
b) Two people
c) A group of people
d) The government

Some of the profits a business makes are often used to buy more?
a) Resources
b) Taxes
c) Goods and services
d) Interest

In the U.S. economy, all of the following move continuously between markets, businesses, and households EXCEPT?
a) Resources
b) Goods
c) Services
d) Interest

In the U.S. economy, what do businesses sell to consumers?
a) Goods and services
b) Labor
c) Taxes
d) Public goods

In the U.S. economy, what do consumers sell to businesses?
a) Goods
b) Interest
c) Resources
d) Taxes

Private financial institutions act as intermediaries between savers and?
a) Borrowers
b) The government
c) Taxation
d) Businesses

VA and the U.S. seek out international trade to?
a) Become more powerful
b) Increase opportunities to travel
c) gather knowledge
d) Purchase less expensive goods

Individuals own the resources used in production, sell the resources, and use the income to?
a) Purchase products
b) Buy more resources
c) Provide public goods and services
d) Increase consumption

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