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A hearing where probable cause is reviewed, defendant is appointed an attorney, and a plea is entered is called an?
a) Appeal
b) Extra meeting
c) Arraignment
d) Informational session

What does the U.S. Supreme Court decide?
a) Fairness of federal trials
b) Guilt or innocence of people charged with federal crimes
c) Guilt or innocence of people changed with state crimes
d) Constitutionality of federal laws

The Supreme Court's power of judicial review allows it to?
a) Declare appointments of government officials unconstitutional
b) Declare laws or actions of government unconstitutional
c) Create laws on behalf of the citizens
d) Create laws on behalf of the U.S. government

What is the Supreme Court's major power?
a) judicial review
b) judicial reinforcement
c) amending the Constitution
d) impeaching the President

Which U.S. court only hears cases involving constitutional issues?
a) Supreme Court
b) Court of Appeals
c) District Court
d) Military Court

All of the following are steps in a criminal case EXCEPT?
a) Arrest
b) Arraignment
c) Trial
d) Discovery

Bail money is used to?
a) Release a defendant from jail
b) Hire a lawyer
c) Pay for protection
d) Pay an expert witness

In what part of a criminal case will a defendant be formally charged and enter a plea?
a) A trial
b) An indictment
c) A preliminary hearing
d) An arraignment

What 2 types of legal issues do courts decide?
a) Criminal and mental
b) Civil and Legal
c) Criminal and Civil
d) Legal and Judicial

The Supreme Courts of the U.S. and VA have what type of jurisdiction?
a) Limited Appellate, mostly original
b) Limited original, mostly appellate
c) All original, no appellate
d) All appellate, no original

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