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When did the Taliban take over the government?
a) 1978
b) 1989
c) 1966
d) 2001

How high are their mountain peaks?
a) 20,000 feet
b) 14,000 meters
c) 20,000 meters
d) 14,000 feet

What does the A.I.A. stand for?
a) Afghanistan Interm Administration
b) Americans in Afghanistan
c) Afghanistan Income Alliance
d) Animals in Afghanistan

What does the US governement and the Afghanistan governmetn have in common?
a) They both have a Supreme Court.
b) They are both communist.
c) They both have a White House
d) The shape of the capital is the same.

How many people live in Afghanistan?
a) 25,000,000
b) 50,000,000
c) 400
d) 2,000

What is their desert called?
a) Dasht-i-Margo Desert
b) Afghan Desert
c) Taliban Desert
d) Sahara Desert

Afghanistan\'s government is run by...
a) The A.I.A.
b) The U.S.A.
c) The A.G.N.
d) The Taliban

What do the US and Afghanistan have in common?
a) Mountains
b) Swamplands
c) Oceans
d) Great Lakes

Is the Taliban still in control?
a) They are not in control.
b) They only control some cities.
c) They only control the military.
d) They are completely in control.

What do the US and Afghanistan have in common?
a) Rivers and valleys
b) Gulf of Mexico
c) Redwood Forests
d) A Grand Canyon

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