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39. The passage is BEST labeled a(n)
a) parody
b) allegory
c) diatribe
d) satire

40. In the course of the passage a political lie is depicted as all of the following EXCEPT
a) a new-born baby
b) a hideous monster
c) a winged goddess
d) a vengeful mob

41. The word 'reduced,' as it is used in the first sentence, is BEST interpreted as
a) transformed
b) developed
c) subverted
d) refined

42. The allusion to Greek mythology in paragraph two implies which of the following?
a) That man's penchant for lying only mimics that of the gods.
b) That fame can only be achieved through prevarication.
c) That lying often engenders sedition and rebellion.
d) That lying is a tactic born of failure and desperation.

43. In developing his discussion of political lying in paragraph three, the author primarily relies upon
a) extended metaphor
b) understatement
c) simile
d) paradox

44. The primary purpose of lines 40-44, 'No wonder . . . for almost twenty years,' is to suggest that lying is
a) extremely rare in political circles
b) commonly practiced by whoever is in power to retain power
c) often necessary to preserve a country's security
d) effected by only the most artful individuals

45. In the fourth paragraph the speaker suggests that a particularly pernicious lie can cause all of the following EXCEPT
a) the subjugation of a nation
b) an understatement or elevation of a particular problem
c) an individual's denial of his true beliefs
d) a dramatic change in the public taste or fashion

46. In delineating the potentially destructive scope of political lying (lines 44-59), the author MOST frequently employs
a) antitheses
b) color imagery
c) classical allusion
d) paradox

47. The author begins his final paragraph by
a) making an affirmation
b) speculating on a possibility
c) dismissing a misconception
d) reiterating an earlier point

48. The phrase, 'such an accomplishment as this' (lines 69-70), likely refers to politicians
a) coming from socially prominent families
b) fostering employment
c) presiding over elections
d) performing self-serving acts of deception

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