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In what year did Columbus go on his voyage?
a) 1984
b) 1774
c) 1681
d) 1492

How are maps different today than they were in the past?
a) They are used for finding places
b) They are the same
c) Today they are accurate and made on the computer
d) Today they are drawn by hand

What were the names of Columbus' ships?
a) Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
b) France, Nina, Weston
c) Ship 1, Ship 2, Ship 3
d) Leon, Pinta, Paul

What was NOT an obstacle that got in the explorers' way?
a) disease
b) bad maps
c) gold
d) not enough food

What was NOT a motivator for exploring?
a) Finding gold
b) Spreading religion
c) Disease
d) Claiming land

Who was first to come to America?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Leif Erikson
c) Lewis and Clark
d) Ponce de Leon

Who sponsored Columbus' trip?
a) His dad
b) He payed for it himself
c) The King and Queen of Spain
d) The president

What was the team called that Lewis and Clark were on?
a) The Corps of Discovery
b) The Explorers
c) L and C Team
d) The America Team

Which answer best describes maps that explorers used?
a) very detailed and accurate
b) hand drawn and usually wrong
c) very colorful
d) made on the computer

Which answer best describes an explorer's life on a ship?
a) Good because they had a lot of food to eat
b) Explorers had to sleep on the ground and eat hardtack
c) Explorers got to spend a lot of time with their family
d) Explorers went to school while they were on the ship

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