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Which is not a border state and its reason for being important?
a) Mississippi because of the Mississippi River
b) Kentucky because of the Ohio River
c) Maryland because of Washington, D.C.
d) Missouri because of the Mississippi River

What was the result of the Union winning the Battle of Antietam?
a) European nations did not recognize the South as a nation.
b) Confederate troops enlisted in the army.
c) Southern factories increased their output of needed supplies.
d) Railroad lines in the South would be extended.

A strong belief in states' rights affected the South by
a) letting them give sufficient power to their federal government.
b) wanting them to unite back with the North.
c) having them refuse to give their federal government sufficient power.
d) letting them give all their power to the North.

What was the opinion of people after the first Battle of Bull Run?
a) People realized that the war would be long, difficult and costly.
b) People realized that the war would be easily won.
c) People realized that their cause was supported by all the people in the South.
d) People realized that it would be over fairly quickly and they could move on.

What is considered to be a turning point in the Civil War?
a) Battle of Bull Run
b) Battle of Antietam
c) Battle of Gettysburg
d) Battle of Vicksburg

What position could African Americans NOT have in the US army?
a) guide
b) spy
c) private
d) sergeant

Why did Grant allow the South lenient terms in surrender?
a) He was being nice.
b) He wanted unconditional surrender.
c) He saw the weakness in the South and wanted to exploit that.
d) He wanted the begin the healing process and end the war on good terms.

How did the Emancipation Proclamation affect the slaves in the border states?
a) Freed them
b) Gave them land
c) Nothing, it only applied to the Confederate states
d) Gave them rights

In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln identified the main purpose of the war as
a) ending slavery.
b) to preserve mankind.
c) to test the nation's strength.
d) to preserve the government.

Why did Lee surrender?
a) It was pointless to fight on and lives were being lost.
b) Too many deserters.
c) Too tired and could not go on.
d) Low supplies that could not be replaced.

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