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Political Parties distribute literature about their candidates in order to?
a) Recruit individuals to run for office
b) Assist people in getting to their polling places
c) Help new residents register to vote
d) Educate the electorate about campaign issues

Political parties do all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Nominate qualified candidates
b) Educate on campaign issues
c) Monitor office holders
d) Elected Supreme Court justices

Third parties differ from the two main parties because third parties...?
a) are older than the 2 main parties
b) have more members
c) have more political experience
d) are often concerned with one issue

In order to win an election, a major political party is most likely to?
a) Appeal to the political center
b) Organize leaders of special interest groups
c) Divide campaign funds between candidates equally
d) Propose cuts to popular programs

The mass media has an important effect on elections by?
a) Emphasizing selected issues
b) Creating ads for candidates they support
c) Financing a particular candidate
d) Reporting only one candidate's information

The main purpose of a Political Action Committee (PAC) is to?
a) See that money is equally distributed among presidential candidates
b) Raise money for candidates who support the same views
c) Develop the party platform for the candidate's party
d) Publicize a presidential candidate's ideas through the use of the media

The high cost of getting elected has changed campaigns for political office in all of the following ways EXCEPT?
a) Limits opportunities to run for office
b) Gives issue oriented special interest groups less influence
c) Gives advantages to wealthier candidates
d) Requires extensive fundraising activities

The factors that predict which citizens will vote include all of the following EXCEPT?
a) Number of children
b) Age
c) Income
d) Education

In VA, a person may register to vote in all of the following ways EXCEPT?
a) By registering the day of the election
b) At the registrar's office
c) At the DMV
d) By mailing in an application

The percentage of voters is usually greatest in which election?
a) Presidential Election
b) Senatorial Election
c) Gubernatorial Election
d) Local Election

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