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Joseph drank liquids while playing football, but he is going to need another mineral in his body so that his muscles will not cramp. What mineral is this?
a) Calcium
b) Iodine
c) Iron
d) Potassium

Collards, spinach, turnips and fortified cereals are all good sources of which nutrient?
a) B Complex
b) Iron
c) Magnesium
d) Sodium

How does excessive consumption of iron impact the body?
a) It is expelled through the urine.
b) It remains in the bones.
c) It is stored in the liver.blood
d) It is stored in the liver.

Where are excessive amounts of calcium stored in the body?
a) Blood
b) Bones
c) Liver
d) Muscles

Ryan is feeling weak and dizzy. He has a choice of spinach salad or tomato soup. What nutrient should he choose to make an impact on his body?
a) Carbohydrates
b) Iron
c) Vitamins
d) Water

A food with unsaturated fat is:
a) coconut pie
b) cottage cheese
c) peanuts
d) pork sausage

If Olivia substitutes animal sources of protein in her diet for plant sources, she will get:
a) less fat
b) more fat
c) no fat
d) the same amount of fat

Carbonated drinks and sports drinks are different because athletes:
a) can purchase carbonated drinks at games
b) like the flavor of sports drinks better.
c) rely on carbonated drinks to supply energy.
d) rely on sports drinks to replace lost body fluids.

What is an advantage of eating a serving of sweets at one time instead of eating small amounts at time intervals
a) Enjoy the taste immediately
b) Gain less weight
c) Reduce tooth decay
d) Stimulate the appetite

Which source of water is LOWEST in calories?
a) Decaffeinated drinks
b) Fruits and vegetables
c) Sweet iced tea
d) Tap water

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