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Master students commit to change their lives based on what they read.
a) True
d) False

Which of the following should you read when you are in the second step of muscle reading the assignment?
a) The entire assignment
b) Secondary sources related to the assignment
c) Any concepts, facts, or ideas that is unfamiliar to you
d) All chapter headings and subheadings

What’s the first step in Phase 1 of Muscle Reading (before you read)?
a) Preview headings, subheadings, and pictures
b) Speed Read
c) Highlight
d) Outline

It is critical to do your first complete review within 24 hours to move the information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory
a) True
d) False

What’s one useful strategy for reading with children underfoot?
a) Create a special space for your child
b) Don’t try to read if you won’t be able to finish the entire assignment
c) Do not allow interruptions
d) Read first, attend to your child afterward

People use their mental pictures to make predictions about the world, and these predictions do not impact behavior.
a) False
d) True

You should highlight about 30 percent of the text while you read.
a) False
d) True

To read faster, When you read, your eyes should focus on each word in the text individually, one after another.
a) false
b) true

Which is an example of a secondary source?
a) Newspaper
b) Personal Journal
c) Letter
d) Speech

What’s not a useful strategy when a reading assignment is tough?
a) Read it once and relax
b) Ask a tutor/classmate/teacher
c) take a short break
d) look up another source that can explain it easier

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