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Typically at the top of a profession business letter is a company's what?
a) Letterhead
b) Header
c) Logo
d) Dateline

Another name for a salutation is what?
a) Introduction
b) Meeting
c) Greeting
d) Starter

You can see where the letter is going and who will be receiving the letter by looking at what part of the business letter?
a) Letter Address
b) Receiver Address
c) Greeting
d) Copy notation

How many times do you hit enter after the complimentary closing?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What are the 3 lowercase initials at the bottom of a business letter called?
a) reference initials
b) writer's initials
c) typist initials
d) secretary initials

The body of a business letter spacing is what?
a) double spaced
b) single spaced
c) double space within the paragraphs and single space between each paragraph
d) single space within the paragraphs and double space between each paragraph

What part of the business letter would you look at to see who else received this letter?
a) enclosure notation
b) copy notation
c) closing
d) writer's name

In a modified letter which part is set a 3.25" RIGHT tab?
a) Dateline
b) Writer's Name and Title
c) Complimentary Closing
d) None

You should sign a business letter in pencil?
a) True
b) False
c) Not this one
d) Not this one

Your favorite teacher is...
a) Mr. Scherer
b) Not this one
c) Not this one
d) Not this one

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