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Compared with the Pacific Ocean, a cup of hot chocolate has
a) less thermal energy & a higher temperature
b) more thermal energy & a higher temperature
c) less thermal energy & a lower termperature
d) more thermal energy & a lower temperature

When a spoon at room temperature is placed in a bowl of hot soup, thermal energy
a) is transferred from the soup to the spoon
b) is transferred from the spoon to the soup
c) does not move in either direction
d) moves by radiation to the spoon

as a person is skiing down a mountain, their energy would be classified as
a) kinetic
b) potential
c) thermal
d) electrical

which of the following is NOT an artificial satellite?
a) star satellite
b) weather satellite
c) communication satellite
d) remote sensing satellite

the outer planets are also called the
a) gas giants
b) rocky planets
c) spacey planets
d) best planets

During Earth's formation, materials such as nickel and iron sank to the
a) core
b) mantle
c) crust
d) lithosphere

when the sunlit part of the moon appears to get smaller, the moon is said to be
a) waning
b) waxing
c) phasing
d) in an eclispe

Practicing which of the following soil conservation techniques will slow down nutrient depletion in soil?
a) crop rotation
b) terracing
c) contour plowing
d) farming

which type of volcano results from alternating explosive and non explosive eruptions?
a) composite
b) cinder cone
c) rift zone
d) shield

an earthquake measuring an 8 on the richter scale would most likely cause what type of damage?
a) major structural damage
b) very mild damage
c) almost no damage
d) the whole town would dissintegrate

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